California death cleanup schemes by county and city employees cost grieving families thousands of dollars. They have no business sending families to California death cleanup companies. When they do they receive payment for sending unsuspecting families. Do not support county or city employee corruption. They have a duty to remain free and clear of business dealing in the death cleanup business. See Orange County Consumer Fraud and Orange County Fraud for examples.  



Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death - Decomposition Cleanup

California Death Cleanup line decor
California Death Cleanup line decor

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Information about California's death cleanup services. What to know and what to expect before your cleaners arrive and before you pay. Although redundancies appear in the following types of death cleanup, each has something noteworthy for those interested in death cleanup.

Types of Death Scenes


Accidental Death Cleanup

Accidental death cleanup needs usually come to our attention by way of manufacturing. If we include vehicle accidents in this category, then vehicles rank number one.

Usually we think of this type of California's death cleanup needs in terms of machinery. Saws, cranes, elevator shafts, industrial screw and cutting machines, and this sort arise most often. Seldom do residential accidents arise.

Accidental firearm discharges also receive a fair number of death cleanup calls for information. Sometimes death cleanup of this sort might fall under suicide cleanup. It's a matter of what a family chooses to go with.

Charges for this type of cleanup may remain open. It's hard to get a feel for the type of work involved. Sometimes hand-tools and power equipment must be used. A food processing plant requires a total and thorough cleaning.

A manufacturing plant may requires less at times. Simply starting and moving machinery after cleaning will help remove hard to reach blood and other potentially infectious matter (OPIM).


Crime Scene Cleanup

Overall, California ranks as number 17 among the nation's states when it comes to violent crimes. California suffers roughly 440 violent crimes every 100,000 persons. Thats equal to 4,440 violent crimes for every 10,000,000 persons.

Here's where redundancies become obvious. Crime scene cleanup is often a homicide cleanup, a suicide cleanup, or an unattended death cleanup. Just the same, crime scene cleanup deserves some elaboration as a very narrow branch of biohazard cleanup.

Crime scene cleanup shares all the similarities of any blood cleanup activity. Its unique tasks will include an attention toward sharps, infectious hypodermic needles, as well as drug lab equipment.

Because of its connections with homicides, intentional murders may arouse some security issues. Should one or more perpetrators remain on the streets, then there's always a possibility of confronting one of the perpetrators unexpectedly.

When drugs were involved on a crime scene cleanup involving a homicide, we might expect perpetrators and their connections to appear once the coroner's seal is broken. Sometimes neighbors know a perpetrator and remain silent because of a known threat or terrorist threats. Cleaning in this type of neighborhood always demands extra vigilance.

Like other traumatic injuries caused by high caliber weapons, knives, and so forth, crime scene cleanup scenes usually involve copious blood spills. At times biological debris has a wide splatter area. Identifying blood and OPIM in these cases becomes a matter of using peroxide. Peroxide highlights blood and open very effectively. Peroxide also becomes our first line of defense against bloodborne pathogens.

By using peroxide wisely on death scenes at startup, we essentially begin decontaminating blood and OPIM. In this way our work becomes safer. Odors begin to diminish. We gain a better picture of what needs cleaning, what needs demolition, and what needs moving.


Death by Fire

Commonly, deaths by fire leave little if anything for death cleanup. Burnt wheel chairs, burnt mattresses, and little else remains for the crime scene cleaners.



Homicide cleanup shares many of the same characteristics as crime scene cleanup. Death cleanup includes a search for shrapnel following use of high powered firearms. Using peroxide, we expect walls, floors, furnishings, bedding, and other objects to receive their first chemical encounter. In this way we decontaminate while high-lighting and cleaning. It's these same if a homicide leaves a great amount of residue or a small amount.

Homicides categorized as murder, 187 PC, may leave long trains of blood following a running fight through a dwelling. It happens that men, more often than not, become domestic perpetrators of homicide. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriends, these account for the greatest number of homicides. And they leave copious amounts of blood.

We have no idea why, for certain, men kill women as they do. When they do so they do so in a great rage. With great violence they repeatedly attack their female victim. Sometimes they attack others in a household, including children. Women may also receive fatal blows while protecting their children from a drunken boyfriend or husband. As a result, homicide cleanup becomes a search for blood throughout homes.

Under these conditions it sometimes becomes necessary to look in cupboards, closets and drawers. A cleaner has no idea if these areas were open or closed before and during a violent death. Only by looking can they tell if these areas were soiled by blood and other human matter. A well trained California death cleanup practitioner knows what to do.


California Murder Scenes

With so much written above about California death cleanup, what else might we say? It's easy to add more. Consider those multiple murders so common these days.

In 2011 a crazy man entered a Seal Beach hair salon and killed 8. Among these victims were his one time wife, and other innocent victims. He shot and killed a man sitting his a car as he ran from his murder scene. When it comes to a California death cleanup of this magnitude, it's always best to call Ed Evans.

No where else in California death cleanup will anyone find better prices. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars when Ed can do it for thousands?


California Suicide Cleanup

California death cleanup includes suicide cleanup. Suicides occur under different conditions than homicides and unattended deaths. Sometimes suicides occur by hanging. Whatever their time and place, method dictates death cleanup chores.

It's easy enough to jump in front of a speeding car. In fact, many people stand with their toes over the corner curb, as if inviting someone to drive over them.

Jumping in front of trains has a following in California cities, especially Los Angeles. Some suicide victims throw themselves in from of an oncoming train us before it passes them. Some victims lie on the tracks and discover that the train goes over them. Then they learn another approach. Usually they know it's not a good idea to attack a train when it slows down. In this way a disabling injury follows, rather than a pain free, instant death.

Regressing, suicide by car seems to have more going for it, while leaving California death cleanup practitioners out of the picture. So many single rider deaths occur in the early morning hours it's hard to always say. We know from survivors that many "accidents" were suicide attempts. The loss of shame for a family following an "accident" cleanup means more than a suicide cleanup.

In car suicides the driver aims his/her vehicle at a solid buttress, like a freeway bridge wall. Maximum speed with eyes close has lead some to zip up plant covered embankments. In free-flight they open their eyes to either an airborne demise or embarrassing survival.

Motorcycles serve the suicide practitioner as well, perhaps better. One can safely ride a motorcycle knowing fare-well that they risk death. Put another way, motorcycles riding is a form of death wish, suicidal behavior.



Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries lead to death cleanup from all of the above noted manners. This type of death may leave an enormous amount of blood.

For example, one Friday afternoon John of Ridgecrest accidentally discharged his shotgun at Norma's head. His wife, she died instantly. Apparently, her blood loss appeared near total. Blood ran down their second floor onto their first floor via their staircase. All ceramic, the floor did little to stop the blood flow.

By the time a San Bernardino death cleanup practitioner arrived, blood from the second floor had dripped from the landing in front of the bathroom down a wall.


Unattended Death Cleanup

An unattended death's appearance is usually quite horrifying when first seen by the unsuspecting. The odors associated with a death scene strike one as nauseating. On a crime scene, odors add to the horrific appearance. The violent acts that brought the scene into existence are accentuated by the odors. Besides homicides, suicides, and death by natural causes, any decomposition of the human body requires special consideration, special handling.


Unattended death demands professional attention because of its horrific nature, its unforeseen hazards, and its emotional risks. Whether a crime scene cleanup, a suicide cleanup, or death by natural causes, a decomposed body will leave an extraordinary amount of fluid and tissue.

The material left behind has its own odors and appearances. It is difficult to explain the awkward cleaning tasks set by an unattended death.

professional after death cleaning for homicide, suicide, unattended death, and more.



Call at any hour, any day and a professional crime scene cleaner will take your call. Our goal is to help return biologically soiled dwellings and buildings to their pre-incident contrition discreetly, respectfully. We have years of experience and clean throughout California.

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Call   at any hour, any day. Our professional cleaners will take your telephone   call and answer your questions. If you like, speak with Eddie Evans about your cleaning needs. He will tell you what to expect and what you   should expect from a biohazard cleaning company. Eddie will also clean   for you. Eddie accepts cash, credit cards, and homeowner's insurance.

  In general, decomposition should be handled professionally.

California Death Cleanup Information

I use the below resources for cleaning death scenes to remain in compliance with the state.

Go here for information from the state of California.

For a list of California's licensed practitioners, goggle California Trauma Scene Practitioners.

If you cannot afford a professional cleaner, be prepared to spend time and money. You will need time to call the various biohazard transporters.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanup training offers information for those interested in their own family death cleanup issues.



Death Scene Cleanup Information



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